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Coming Soon: The Great American Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017 a solar eclipse will approach Oregon’s coast around 9 a.m. and reach totality by approximately 10:16 a.m., Pacific Time. The ‘Path of Totality’ arcs across the 48 states (CONUS), until approximately 5:04 p.m., Eastern Time. Skies … Continue reading

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Batting a Thousand!

A recent discovery that the bat colony inhabiting the attic of the county sheriff’s department numbers over one thousand has raised serious concerns about the health and safety of deputies working in the second-floor offices. That bats are and have … Continue reading

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Weather Patterns – Part Two

This report reflects temperature changes on January 1st, every 5 years from 1945 – 2015 and 2016, in five East Coast cities from Maine to Florida. Typical climate in the region, in excerpts from world atlas online is described as: New England states experience warm summers … Continue reading

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Weather Patterns – Part One

Perspectives and laws on a number of issues, including global warming – now climate change, will take interesting turns after January 20, 2017. Indeed, president-elect Trump has held meetings already with Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio. Both are high-profile, heavy investors in climate change politics … Continue reading

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Heads and minds in the Clouds

Head in the clouds from time to time is not a bad thing, in fact, everyone should take some time away from the troubles of the world. And, while drifting awhile “up there” putting our minds on the clouds can … Continue reading

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