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The race is on (soon), mountain bikers!

The Missouri State Championship “Down and Dirty Mountain Bike Race” is the works! Organizers  and sponsors include Osage Lakes Greenway Corp., the United Federation of Dirt (UFD) and several local businesses. Registration open now Register now online here, or … Register … Continue reading

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Color away boredom, depression and stress!

Welsh brain scientist, Dr. Joel Pearson, says coloring helps adults replace negative thoughts and images with positive ones. Coloring produces measurable effects Dr. Stan Rodski, a neurophysicist who also creates adult coloring books says “colorists” enjoy results similar to those from … Continue reading

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Anecdotes in Life and Advertising

Anything happen to you lately, or even some time ago, that you’ve turned into a good story? When telling about your experience, you’re sharing an anecdote – what Merriam-Webster defines as a “short story about an interesting or funny event.” Sometimes there are stories heard from … Continue reading

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