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A Little Fun with Facts, or How to Create (Fake) News…

What do Wells Fargo, Susan Rice, Antibiotics and Jack Daniels have in common? Or what about Chuck Berry, Poodles (the canine variety), the Golden State Warriors and Coffee? Are they all related in some complex scenario that only a special … Continue reading

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In Praise of Possums…

Opossums never inspired much of my time or attention before but lately, more than a few lie dead in or alongside the road. Aside from being accused of “playing possum” as a child, I knew very little about them. Opossums are not … Continue reading

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The race is on (soon), mountain bikers!

The Missouri State Championship “Down and Dirty Mountain Bike Race” is the works! Organizers  and sponsors include Osage Lakes Greenway Corp., the United Federation of Dirt (UFD) and several local businesses. Registration open now Register now online here, or … Register … Continue reading

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Color away boredom, depression and stress!

Welsh brain scientist, Dr. Joel Pearson, says coloring helps adults replace negative thoughts and images with positive ones. Coloring produces measurable effects Dr. Stan Rodski, a neurophysicist who also creates adult coloring books says “colorists” enjoy results similar to those from … Continue reading

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Anecdotes in Life and Advertising

Anything happen to you lately, or even some time ago, that you’ve turned into a good story? When telling about your experience, you’re sharing an anecdote – what Merriam-Webster defines as a “short story about an interesting or funny event.” Sometimes there are stories heard from … Continue reading

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Missourians prepped for legal marijuana

To date, Missouri’s Secretary of State has approved two initiative petitions to legalize marijuana for medical, commercial and recreational use. Each requires approximately 160,000 valid signatures. The filing deadline for signed petitions to qualify for a place on the November 2016 … Continue reading

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USMC celebrates 240 years – November 10, 2015

Happy birthday to all current and former members of the United States Marine Corps. The few, the proud, the Marines …  once a Marine, always a Marine —  well-known mottos. A family spirit binds Marines to one another in the field and … Continue reading

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Update! Hot meals ministry growing, expanding its service

Soup & More Community Kitchen now serves free hot meals every Thursday. Since first opened in January 2016, the outreach has been growing but there is room for more people to enjoy the commaraderie and the hot, nutritious meals. Benton County residents … Continue reading

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is a critical health problem likely to occur in 1 out of every 8 women. Although less often according to the American Cancer Society, it can also occur in men. Advances in breast cancer care The American Society of Clinical … Continue reading

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Bad news … good news

Google and Bing searches for negative headlines  showed millions of returns for each of the examples below. But surprisingly, searches for positive headlines numbered many millions more. Read on. Economic collapse Google search for “predictions of economic collapse 2015” returned about … Continue reading

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