A Little Fun with Facts, or How to Create (Fake) News…

What do Wells Fargo, Susan Rice, Antibiotics and Jack Daniels have in common? Or what about Chuck Berry, Poodles (the canine variety), the Golden State Warriors and Coffee?

Are they all related in some complex scenario that only a special prosecutor can sort out, or must we leave it to late-night comedians to bring us the most titillating, profanity-laced exposé?

The simple “fact” is that members in each of the two groups of four above have only one common thread, so far as we know… they were, respectively, the No. 1 subjects searched for on Google during the months of April and March 2017 in their specific categories.

The website, www.trends.google.com lists 45 different categories divided unequally, with some represented in more than one of 7 general topics.

The seven are: Business and Politics; Entertainment; Lifestyle; Nature and Science; Shopping and Fashion; Sports, and Travel and Leisure.

Wells Fargo, Antibiotics, Coffee, the Golden State Warriors and Jack Daniels have the distinction of holding the No. 1 spots for all the first four months of 2017.

Susan Rice, No. 1 search in April in the “Politicians” category under Business and Politics, was preceded by James Comey in March; Kim Jong-nam in February, and Donald Trump in January 2017.

Media blogWe assume, as journalists these days are wont to do, that no matter which politician was most interesting in any given month, people everywhere were banking with Wells Fargo, taking antibiotics, and drinking coffee with their Jack Daniels as they cheered for the Golden State Warriors.

And, let’s not forget to connect the dots that show that at the same time Donald Trump was the “politician” of the month in January, people nationwide (at least all the white folks), were searching for a “Caucasian Shepherd Dog”? Why not black labs, or chihuahuas? Hmm mm? What more proof of racism do we need? Alas, not one station reported it.

Now, let’s be fair for once: trends showed that in February 2017 when Kim Jong-nam was most searched for politician, people everywhere were searching for a “Central Asian Shepherd Dog.”

And, further, what is the implication of James Comey and Poodles, taking top spots as the Politician and Dog Breed of choice, respectively, in March? Of course, it was not necessary to include ‘respectively,’ since there is no chance of confusing the two.

These few facts represent only a minuscule part of everything waiting “out there” to be mined and manipulated into some of the most interesting breaking news ever!

But they are enough to reach the startling conclusion that people are searching where the news is. Google Trends seems to be the “where” there. Check it out, and create some news yourself.


--as reported by Faye K. Mayedupp.


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