Another July storm hits Sterett Creek

Severe wind and thunderstorms brought down several trees and uprooted many others in Sterett Creek on Wednesday night, July 1. (See photos below.) One road was blocked for a good part of the day by an uprooted and toppled tree whose thick trunk made passage impossible until a portion of its middle laying across the road, wide enough to allow one car at a time to pass through – very carefully – had been sawed out and removed.

Residents remembered a similar time when a storm – labeled a “microburst” – that hit in July 2012 left the Sterett Creek Marina turned over and several boats damaged or completely sunken.

Neighbors helped neighbors clear their properties and driveways by gathering broken tree limbs, loading and/or dragging them in golf carts to an open common area.

Meanwhile, Jessica Quick of reported the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornado about 3 miles northwest of Warsaw Wednesday night. It struck just minutes before 10 p.m. and caused uprooted trees, damage to a metal building and a boat dock, and sank several boats.


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