Your Teeth, Your Heart

Healthy teeth and gums contribute to a healthy heart, and vice versa, according to cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

In his June 17, 2015 online article, Why Toothpaste Can Benefit Your Heart Health: The Heart-Mouth Connection, he discusses the connection between strong teeth and a strong heart. For example, medical findings correlate periodontal disease with heart attack.

“Consider oral hygiene as cardiovascular care,” Dr. Sinatra advises.

Proper brushing and the toothpaste you use are important, he says. Soft to medium bristles that stimulate circulation are preferable to hard bristle brushes that can damage the gums.

When choosing toothpaste, he recommends everyone “… find one that’s natural, without artificial colorings and additives. Or, better yet brush with baking soda followed by a rinse with a capful of apple cider vinegar, both of which help to get rid of harmful bacteria.”

Of course, everyone should get their doctor’s, and dentist’s, advice before pursuing medical and dental treatments or remedies.

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