A new jail for Benton County, Mo. (?)

This writer first highlighted the sorry state of the Benton County, Mo. jail in November 2014 in another [currently inactive] blogsite (that may someday be revived).

The article, including photos taken at the time: History is Rich, Conditions are Poor at Benton County, Mo. Jail, can be read here.

Now, several months later with conditions even worse, Benton County voters have opportunity to approve new but nominal sales taxes — one-half cent for construction and one-eighth cent for maintenance and upkeep.

Benton County presents its case to the public in the brochure below, reformatted for this article. Copies are available at the County Courthouse, the Chamber of Commerce and several local area places of business.Jail 2

Jail 1

Most important is for registered voters to read, ask the contacts named above any questions that arise, consider the options and alternatives, and vote on April 5, 2016!


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