Today, the future…

cover Our GrandchildrenOur Grandchildren Redesigned evokes many OMG! moments.

Author Michael Bess writes in his introduction, “Welcome to the Future,” about human enhancements coming via technological changes, saying

…it is not our gadgets that will be transformed—it is we ourselves, our bodies, our minds…[for] …direct and precise control over our own physical and mental states…


Bess’s comprehensive research and analysis is evident in the more than 65 pages of references and a 13-page index.

The author concludes by exhorting everyone concerned to adopt an attitude of humility about technological advances and how they are incorporated into daily life. He opines that

…The merest act of kindness will still remain the Ultimate Enhancement.

Bess presupposes evolution and climate change. Societal changes are inevitable and will result from a multitude of new options for enhancements of the human body and mind.

Experiments ongoing for decades are broadening and increasing at an accelerated rate.

The effects on human souls and spirits of altered DNA and bio-engineering are matters for long and careful thought and reflection.

Those who believe morality and “being” fall under the jurisdiction of an Almighty God and Creator may attribute the quest for “enhanced” human existence to lust, pride of life and to hunger for power.

On the other hand, Bess reminds of medications and pharmaceuticals such as Prozac and Viagra in wide use and acceptance today – precursors of more fantastic things to come.

Bess earns high marks for his book whether readers agree and will support, or disagree and will resist the ongoing pursuit for a superhuman that he writes about.

Our Grandchildren Redesigned is well written, comprehensive, instructional, educational, and certainly eye-opening.

There is much for readers to consume, and it is best digested slowly and deliberately.

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