Happy National Watermelon Day!

WatermelonHoliday Insights.com and many other sources recognize today, August 3rd, as National Watermelon Day. The Gardner’s Network, however, says it falls on August 18.

So, if your local community organizers failed to set up a pit spitting contest today, there is no reason not to organize one for mid-month that brings everyone together for a fun contest.

Gardner’s Network reports giant watermelon can grow to approximately 200 pounds, but there are more commonly grown baby varieties that weigh in at more manageable sizes between two and ten pounds.

For those who don’t already know and are interested to learn, the Network offers instructions on how to plant and grow watermelon.

Little known – and seldom thought about – facts including the ones below, plus how-to videos on slicing, cubing and dicing, and juicing watermelon can be found at watermelon.org.

• Egyptians grew the first watermelons about 5,000 years ago
• Watermelon is more than 90 percent water
• Watermelon is the number one melon consumed in the United States
• In explorer days, canteens were made of watermelons
• Hope, Arkansas holds an annual watermelon contest; the largest ever winning entry was in 2005 and weighed almost 270 pounds.
• Numerous cities in several states hold watermelon festivals from May through September.
• United States is the 5th largest watermelon producer worldwide.
• According to the Farm Service Bureau, Missouri ranks seventh nationwide for watermelon production.

National Watermelon Association has nine active chapters, and the Watermelon Times links to both official and fun melon-related sites.

Despite all the fame and acclaim watermelons receive today, the Peach gets an entire month! Yes, August is National Peach Month. Peaches and watermelon… sounds like a great smoothie recipe any day or month of the year!

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