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Avengers, the Age of Ultron presents the eternal struggle between good and evil. Iron Man, Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) created Jarvis, a talking artificial intelligence circuit with a positive mindset, but pursues an improved version, “Ultron.”

In Frankenstein mode, Ultron overtakes Jarvis, inhabits a super-body and sets out to dominate and destroy just about everything.

More action hits the eyes than viewers can easily keep pace with even before the title appears on screen.

It probably helps to know a lot about Marvel comic superheroes to recognize who is who in the opening scene. Fortunately, once or twice, the action slows enough to let the backstory through; then stuff starts happening all over again.

The Avengers find themselves in an apocalyptic “Age of Ultron.” According to Merriam-Webster, an age is “2. a period of time dominated by a central figure…” That would be Ultron! Stark experimented with the Ultron project secretly, but when things get seriously out of control, he counts on his superpower friends. Combining their individual strengths is their only chance to destroy the enemy before he annihilates them and the whole earth.

Romance and personal conflicts among the Avengers add to the mix. Two new characters join the team who at first make trying to kill Stark their mutual purpose in life.

Maybe it is meant to be nothing more than a story of a good, fierce fight between the not-so-real world’s strongest defenders of good versus perpetrators of evil, winner takes all. In any case, Avengers is an adventure that leaves no regrets about going to see. It is far-out. But viewers will probably sit wringing their hands, glued to the screen for two hours anyway.

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