Did you know?

It’s true; they’re here!

Linda Geist wrote that the second week of June is the time when chiggers come out to bite, according to information from Missouri University at Columbia’s entomologist, Richard Houseman. It’s true, believe it.

“Their favorite feeding spots [on humans] are the backs of knees, the crotch and in the armpits.”

After their mouthparts have pierced our skin, Geist says, they inject an enzyme to dissolve skin tissue that they suck up for food. Even after the chigger has been washed or scraped off the skin, the oozing and itchiness lasts for a few weeks until the skin heals.

Quite amazing accomplishment for something with a diameter of only 1/150th of an inch. If you can, avoid grass, weeds and shrubs growing low and near water.

You’ll find more details and a chigger photo at Geist’s article, “Chiggers are coming.”

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